How Did Art Galleries in Coco Keeling Islands Become the Best? Find Out.

Written By: Crystal Finley

Art is an incredible aspect of life. Art is the tree surrounded by daisies, the bird that takes a bath in a puddle of water, the apple that falls from a tree on a bright sunny day and even the mom who sits and admire her baby while she sleeps. Art can be the dog that chases a cat, an old woman walking down the street and a bowl of fruit resting on a tabletop. As the world turns, art will continue to be part of life!

History of art

Art has been around since the beginning of times but wasn’t identified as art until 19th century. During those times art historians relied on formal analysis, semiotics and psychoanalysis to determine when and how art was developed. Art historians also relied heavily on iconography. According to all-art the first known painters and sculptors died over 30,000 years ago however, their works are still circulating the world in museums. This allows visitors the ability to admire the art, interpret the work from their own point of view while reacting to what they see.

During the 19th century, artists did not have the things modern artists have today. Back then, artists had to use whatever they had including finding a place to create their arts. Unlike artists in the old days, today’s artists work in private studios to create paintings, sculptures and others for showings in art galleries to sell them. However, all artwork possess some similarities with the main being creating their pieces based off past events or current events.

Art galleries in Coco (Keeling) Islands

While there are a variety of galleries to choose from in Coco (Keeling) Islands, there are only a handful that offers more than just quality work but an experience that enable visitors to ask the artists questions about their work.

The Big Barge Art Centre

The Big Barge Art Centre is a unique yet very popular art gallery located in West Island. It provides tons of beautiful art pieces pertaining to the Coco (Keeling) Islands. Each piece presented in the gallery was created by local artists but are admired by millions from around the world. The Big Art Centre enables visitor the ability to enjoy the working class artists’ studios while having the option to talk to any artists in sight.

Most of the pieces exhibited in the art gallery pertain to past events that took place on the Islands. Each piece present enables visitors to admire and enjoy interpreting what the picture represents.

Hidden Garden Art Gallery

The Hidden Garden Art Gallery is considered the largest art gallery in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It has over 60 artists, 15 rooms of art and is visited by thousands from around the world all year round. The Hidden Garden Art Gallery enables visitor to get one on one conversation with any artists about their works. The next best thing about this gallery is that visitors have the option to purchase artwork when available. Each unique piece of art presented by its artists not only jumps out at the visitors but also enables visitors to related to them.

Australian Art Galleries Featuring Local, Unknown Artists

Written By: Tess Chedsey

All artists are unknown at some time in their lives. An undiscovered Picasso or Michelangelo is lurking somewhere in the world, why not Australia? Australia is a vast continent with a rich aboriginal art heritage that is currently breaking through the barriers of the art world with some astonishing discoveries.

There is no lack of culture in Australia despite the continent’s low population density. There is also no lack of artists, aboriginal or otherwise. This article will begin with aboriginal art and artists to be followed by other artistic styles and artists in varying locales across Australia.

Aboriginal Artists

There is no dearth of contemporary aboriginal art and artists. Some artists are well known in Australia, but the names remain unfamiliar to the rest of the world. This will change as serious collectors continue to add the arts of indigenous peoples to their collections. It is the art itself of most of these cultures that are of value, not the artist’s names. The indigenous artists of Australia, however, are becoming known by name as their works continue to be exhibited throughout Australia and to a lesser extent throughout the world. These artists can definitely be considered as emerging artists and are sure to make their mark in the art world eventually.

A key gallery to view aboriginal art is the Kate Owen Gallery in Sydney. The gallery offers exhibitions of art by aboriginal artists with exhibits that change often to show the extensive collection of the gallery. The gallery consistently adds to their collection of aboriginal artists so there is always something new and exciting to discover making it a fine place to begin a serious collection of indigenous Australian art.


The Adelaide Central Gallery, located within the Adelaide Central School of Art, is a well-known art gallery offering ever-changing programs that incorporate the school’s annual graduate exhibition as well as featuring local artists and international artist in solo and group exhibitions year-round.

The Espionage Gallery also features local Australian and international artists, both known and unknown. The gallery features new exhibits every two to four weeks. These opening nights have become high-points of Adelaide’s cultural scene. The gallery began life focusing on graffiti and street art. It has evolved from that genre moving toward a full spectrum including illustration, oil and acrylic painting, photography, sculpture and works in ceramics and glass.


The Beaver Gallery encourages local artists to be part of the art world by reaching out to aspiring artists to exhibit their works within the many separate exhibition spaces, an area for temporary art displays and the sculpture garden.

The ANU School of Art gallery, like so many art schools, regularly exhibits student art in painting, ceramic, photography and sculpture media as well as offering lectures, informal discussions and special exhibitions throughout the year.


Besides the dynamic gallery for aboriginal art mentioned earlier, Sydney abounds with art venues featuring local artists. Sydney is the most metropolitan of the cities in Australia with the largest population. Tourist and resident alike can find abundant cultural destinations to keep their minds and souls blissfully engaged for months.

In most countries, the big cities are where you find the art museums and galleries housing art of famous artists past and present, and Sydney is no exception. But also like so many big cities, Sydney has its share of smaller galleries featuring local artists. One not to be missed is the Jeff Lebovic Gallery.

This gallery is considered to be New South Wales most highly esteemed gallery of art. The gallery does feature historic art works, but also offers regularly scheduled temporary exhibits featuring modern paintings and prints by local artists.

Australia is a great country for the budding art collector of modest means to start a very promising and unique collection as well as the art lover wishing to experience a vibrant, unusual art scene.

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